Debunking Weight Loss Supplement Myths And Unveiling The Facts

Staying on track and following a healthy lifestyle can be tough. You might have considered using weight loss supplements to help you keep up with your routine while losing weight. But are you worried about various myths that you come across online? With weight loss supplements available without a prescription, there arises a need to understand how safe these are.

Here in this post, we will look at ten myths and facts related to weight loss supplements. So, let us get started.

Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss supplements are for almost everyone. These dietary supplements claim to help people with their weight loss journey. However, it is important to pick the right supplement for weight loss and know all the ingredients used. The safer ones are the natural weight loss supplements made using all-natural ingredients. These do not have any side effects and can shed those extra pounds when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

Let’s begin with the myths and facts associated with weight loss supplements.

Myths and Facts About Weight Loss Supplements

To understand weight loss supplements, think of this: they offer quick results, but losing weight should be a long-term effort as it promotes good health. Using supplements for short-term benefits can also have side effects. The best approach is a balance of healthy eating and exercise. Relying only on supplements to compensate for overeating won’t give you the desired results.

10 Myths We Need to Know Related to Weight Loss Supplements

Myth 1

Many people often have the assumption that they can take supplements for weight loss and ignore exercise and diet. However, it is not true.

Myth 2

Green tea or extracts of green tea help burn calories faster, directly leading to weight loss. Green tea has good benefits; it alone cannot help with weight loss.

Myth 3

A few fitness experts suggest replacing Ephedra with bitter orange for similar effects. But they later realize that it does have the same effect.

Myth 4

The popular African herb called Hoodia can be used to control appetite, thus leading to weight loss.

Myth 5

Most people assume that the supplements available at drug stores or online are safe. However, it is not 100% true.

Myth 6

Natural weight loss supplements are safer than others, but they are not completely devoid of unseen side effects. Having a word with a doctor before adding supplements to your everyday routine is always useful.

Myth 7

Do not snack on unhealthy food when taking weight loss supplements; this is one of the common myths we keep seeing online.

Myth 8

Many people also say that one should not have carbs when on weight loss supplements. It is again not true.

Myth 9

One must bid goodbye to fast or fried foods when on these supplements. Fitness experts, however, allow cheat days when such foods can be eaten in moderation.

Myth 10

A few also assume that they only need to eat foods that burn calories while on weight loss supplements. Again, this is not true. It is important to have a balanced and healthy diet when taking any supplement.

Now that we learned about a few myths let us also look at some facts about weight loss supplements.

Facts About Weight Loss Supplements

Fact 1

Weight loss supplements and a balanced diet go hand in hand, and your dietician would advise the same. Those who wish to lose weight should also have an exercise or workout plan to lose weight fast. Weight loss supplements alone cannot help with weight loss. So, make sure you combine the supplements with exercise and also check the calorie intake.

Fact 2

We are nowadays reading a lot about an herb called Ephedra. It is also compared to bitter orange; many have started using it for weight loss. Including herbs or supplements with such herbs can pose serious side effects, as no one has ever discussed their cons in public. Always get in touch with a dietician or a physician before taking any weight loss supplements. The consultation is essential if you have a health condition or are taking other medication.

Fact 3

Green tea is quite popular, thanks to its rich content of catechins. Green tea promotes weight loss, but it does it by increasing the body’s metabolic rate. The antioxidants present in green tea help with the body’s detoxification process. Due to this, one can prevent overeating or binge eating and keep a tab on calorie intake. So, all these combine and aid in the weight loss journey.

Fact 4

Some believe an African herb called Hoodia Gordonii can help control appetite as a weight loss supplement. This herb has a compound called P57, which, per a few studies, made animals eat less. But it must be clarified if it has the same effect on humans. So, we need more evidence to prove that Hoodia helps with weight loss. The good news is that this herb doesn’t have serious side effects.

Fact 5

It is important to note that not all weight loss supplements that are sold over the counter are FDA approved. So, do your research and only choose supplements from trustworthy brands. If you have a dietician or a trainer, you can also pick the supplements they recommend.

Fact 6

People who want to rely on weight loss supplements should also know the kind of supplements they need. For example, a few weight loss supplements should be taken before you work out and a few after your meals. So, discussing the requirements with your dietician or trainer before including a supplement in your daily routine is necessary. Supplements taken without proper guidance can sometimes cause serious side effects.

Fact 7

Check with a dietician; they suggest you snack in between meals to avoid overeating. It is just a myth that one needs to starve to lose weight. However, ensure that your snacks are healthy and have fewer calories.

Fact 8

It is important to avoid carbs when trying to lose weight. Some of the foods that have a lot of carbs in them include flour, white rice, pasta, and sugar. These foods can be replaced with fruits, brown rice, and fresh leafy greens and vegetables. As these are rich in fiber, they also promote digestion.

Fact 9

Another fact that will take you by surprise is that you need not give up on fast foods completely when on weight loss supplements. These foods can be taken in moderation and only on cheat days. One can take a healthy salad to start with and then opt for fast food. One can also avoid extra dressings or sauces to keep the calories low.

Fact 10

When taking a supplement or following a diet, professional advice is needed. Discuss your weight loss goals with your dietician or trainer and stick to the plan provided.

Final Thoughts

Weight loss supplements fasten your weight loss journey and can make wonders happen with proper diet and exercise. Remember to be cautious when choosing a weight loss supplement, and check with your physician before starting with one.

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