How To Spot Fake Dietary Supplements: 4 Warning Signs

How To Spot Fake Dietary Supplements: 4 Warning Signs Spotting fake dietary supplements to protect health and make the right buying decisions

Recently, the demand for dietary supplements is getting more popular in the health-conscious world. The supplement is a simple method to increase the daily nutrient intake of the person. With a vast range of supplements available in the marketplace, it becomes increasingly important to guarantee the safety and authenticity of the dietary supplements people consume.

Unfortunately, the increasing demand for health supplements has attracted dishonest people to sell fake products. However, the FDA and other medical authorities do not regulate dietary supplements. Spotting fake dietary supplements is vital to protect health and make the right buying decisions. With the help of the proper supplement, you can achieve your fitness goal smoothly.

In this blog post, we will provide a complete guide on spotting fake health supplements. Following these guidelines help you to protect your well-being and stay stronger.

Research the manufacturer

It is essential to conduct thorough research on supplement manufacturers before buying the product. A reputable company prioritizes quality control and follows regulatory standards. Also, they are transparent about the supplement manufacturing procedure. You can visit their official portal to collect information about their values, mission, and commitment to product quality.

In addition, you should look for accreditations and certifications like GMP that guarantee the supplement is manufactured by offering strict quality control measures. They can check for third-party testing so you can receive safe and effective dietary supplements at the best price.

Examine the supplement packaging and labels

When buying a natural supplement for fitness, you can examine the supplement packaging and label. It can offer you valuable clues about the authenticity of the product. Legitimate manufacturer invests in quality packaging, which safeguards the product from worsening. Let’s take a look at critical points to consider:

●       Seal and packaging 

No matter what product you are buying, you should check the seal on the bottle. Many companies approve their brand name on the seal, which is your next clue. If the product is unsealed or damaged, you can return the product immediately. You do not consume the product when the supplier does not accept the product in reverse.

Quality of packaging is important because that helps you know about the product. Packaging mistakes can take various forms, including spelling errors, font errors, incorrect ingredient information, and different logos. You should avoid the supplement if the seal or packaging is damaged.

●       FSSAI approval

It is essential to check for FSSAI approval when purchasing dietary supplements. Supplements undergo different procedures and tests to check their quality before being sold. The Food Safety and Standards Association of India regulates product quality. Therefore, you can buy a supplement that has FSSAI approval.

●       Check logo 

A natural supplement’s font, spelling, and logo must be carefully checked. The logo or misspelled brand name may indicate copycats often make a fake product, but fake products. Many brands want three-dimensional holograms, which are difficult to replicate. It is necessary because fake products attempt to sell at a lower cost.

Using advanced technology for holograms makes it easier for the individual to determine whether the product is original or fake. Thus, comparing the logo with the one on their official site is the most effective way to check whether it is genuine.

●       MRP label

Checking the MRP tag of the product is essential because the original supplement has an MRP label with its hologram. The fake supplement has MRP stickers pasted on them, making it simple to identify if the product is real or fake.

●       Ingredients list

The original dietary supplement offers clear ingredient lists on its packaging. Assure all components match the proposed advantages of the health products and don’t hold any dangerous substances. In addition, you must cross-check the component’s list in the official portal to confirm their safety.

●       Expiry date and batch number

The authentic dietary supplement has a unique batch number and printed expiry date. It would be best to ensure these two details are present in the product. Expired supplements can cause side effects and health issues for people. The absence of the batch number might show a lack of quality control.

Certificates and codes verify the authenticity

Many manufacturers include authenticity certificates and unique codes on their product packaging to combat fake products. It enables the buyer to check the product’s genuineness. Let us see how to verify authenticity through codes and certificates:

Manufacturers add scratch-off codes on their packaging. When you scratch off the label, you can get a unique code that can be entered on the manufacturer’s website to authenticate the product. If the code is already used or invalid, the product is fake.

Reputable brands use QR codes so you can scan the code with your mobile phone. It will redirect you to the manufacturer’s website, which confirms the authenticity of the supplement. It would help if you considered to warnings offered on the verification page.

The high-demand supplement might come with authenticity certificates issued by a third-party laboratory. Also, you should check the certificate issuer’s legitimacy before using the product.

Speak with a healthcare professional

Speaking with a healthcare professional before taking any dietary supplement is advised. It is natural for everyone to respond to things differently because they are built differently. The fake supplement contains ingredients that will be dangerous to human beings.

Licensed nutritionists know to evaluate the quality of supplements and can give you valuable insights. On the other hand, healthcare professionals help the person to understand the potential interactions with other medications.

They can analyze the person’s health condition and medical report and suggest the right health supplement to keep you healthy.

Final words

Spotting fake dietary supplements needs proper evaluation. This article will help you to make an informed decision on buying health supplements. You can reduce the risk of buying a fake product by examining the packaging and label, verifying its legitimacy, and researching the maker.

Taking the proper dietary supplement helps you to maintain a balanced lifestyle. They aid you in achieving your fitness goal without any adverse effects. Therefore, you can buy quality dietary supplements from the leading manufacturer and stay healthier.


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