Raspberry Ketones For Weight Loss – Let Us Explore

If you are one of those who is constantly looking for weight loss supplements, you might have already heard about Raspberry Ketones. Often referred to as a miracle, this supplement is said to have worked wonders for many. A few studies have also claimed that raspberry ketones can help shed extra fat from the body easily.

Let us look at how these raspberry ketones work as weight loss supplements and what makes them special.

Raspberry Ketones For Weight Loss – What are they?

Raspberry ketones are a natural substance in red raspberries that make them taste and smell delicious. Because of this, people have been using raspberry ketone in cosmetics as a fragrance and in things like soft drinks, ice cream, and other processed foods to add a yummy flavor.

Raspberry ketones are also found in other fruits like kiwis, blackberries, and cranberries. Though this compound is naturally occurring, the quantity present is quite low and hence cannot be absorbed by the body. As per the supplement manufacturers, one must have at least 40 kgs of raspberry to meet the quantity of a single supplement dose. 

Hence, more and more people are inclined to use the raspberry ketone supplement for maximum benefits. However, the raspberry ketones used in the weight loss supplements are not extracted from the fruit but are manufactured synthetically. But synthetic and naturally occurring compounds have very similar molecular structures.

How do raspberry ketones supplements help our body?

Raspberry ketones are just aesthetic to look at but are known for their taste and aroma. The health benefits provided by this compound go beyond weight loss. Some of the benefits of raspberry ketones are listed below.

Supports the immune system

If you want to work out daily and indulge in vigorous exercises, you need a strong immune system. Trying to lose weight with a weak immune system will only make you susceptible to various illnesses, and you will gain weight instead of losing some.

Raspberry ketones are rich in vitamins and nutrients, and these improve your immune system. Due to this, you can lead an active lifestyle and lose weight by working out regularly at the gym.

Helps with detoxification

Our bodies tend to collect harmful chemicals from the food we eat, the air surrounding us, and the water we drink. To keep our bodies healthy, we need to remove these toxins regularly. When we take raspberry ketone supplements regularly, they help our bodies get rid of these extra toxins, which makes us healthier and more energetic.

Improves your overall health

Raspberry ketones increase the metabolism rate of our body. When this happens, the fat accumulated in our body starts to reduce. The compound also helps break down the fat deposits in the blood vessels, keeping our hearts healthy.

Increases energy

Raspberry ketones also increase energy levels when taken regularly. Individuals who don’t work out often due to low energy levels have seen a significant increase in their energy after taking raspberry ketones supplements for about a month. However, experts suggest that these supplements are to be taken along with a healthy diet for more benefit.

Promotes hair growth

Locally applying raspberry ketone solution directly on the areas with hair loss can help people with hair loss or male pattern baldness grow new hair. Though no scientific evidence exists, a few have added positive reviews about the same online.

Improves the elasticity of the skin

A few studies have shown that raspberry ketone also helps slow aging. Local application of the raspberry ketone solution can improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and make one look younger.

Good for brain health

Ellagic acid is a natural substance found in raspberries, and it can help prevent the formation of amyloid plaques in the brain. These plaques are known to worsen Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, brain inflammation can contribute to dementia. When we take raspberry ketone supplements, they can help decrease this inflammation, reducing the risk of dementia.

How do Raspberry Ketone supplements work for weight loss?

Thanks to their molecular arrangement, raspberry ketones are effective for weight loss. The weight loss supplement with raspberry ketone as an active compound can help with weight loss in two different ways, and the same is explained below.

Boosts metabolism

The fat cells in our body release a hormone called adiponectin. The hormone is important for the regulation of blood sugar and metabolism rate. As per a few studies, lean people with normal weight have the needed amount of adiponectin. However, those who are obese do not have sufficient production of these hormones.

Raspberry ketone supplements increase the level of this hormone in the body, thus increasing the metabolic rate. Due to this, one tends to burn more fat than usual and lose weight faster.

Suppresses appetite

Eating less and losing weight are connected. Studies suggest that raspberry ketone supplements can help you eat less by making your body more sensitive to a hormone called leptin. Leptin comes from fat and is one of the hormones that control hunger. When you take raspberry ketone supplements, your leptin levels increase, and this tells your brain that you are full, so you eat less. When you eat fewer calories, it becomes easier to lose weight.

Are there any side effects to Raspberry Ketone Supplements?

The use of these supplements is new to many. Hence, there is little evidence or many reviews to talk about the side effects of this weight loss supplement. Due to this, it is still being determined if taking a raspberry ketone supplement for long-term weight loss is safe.

Studies have been conducted on rates as well as mice, but no studies show the right use or the approved dosage for humans.

However, fitness experts also suggest that too much raspberry ketones can lead to insomnia, diarrhea, anxiety, or increased blood pressure. So, if you wish to add this to your everyday diet, do make sure to talk it out with your doctor first.

This is more important if you are on other medicines or have an existing medical condition. Also, teens, breastfeeding mothers, and pregnant women should avoid raspberry ketone supplements.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of hype about new weight loss supplements, and we can see the same about raspberry ketones. The results obtained by using raspberry ketone weight loss supplements look promising; however, they focus on losing weight the healthy way with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

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