Weight Loss Tips & Habit Changes for Men Which Do Not Include Diet or 10K Steps

Ask away a question about weight loss, and all the tips we hear are either about a diet or walking 10K steps a day. Though these work and can-do wonders for your body if followed well, not everyone has the time to spare for the same – every day. If you are one of those men who are a little busy and cannot spare time for 10K steps every day, you can follow a few tips and kickstart your weight loss journey successfully.

In this blog, we will learn about the five proven tips from fitness experts that do not require you to work hard on physical training or try those diets to lose weight. These tips are specially targeted towards men and will help improve energy and achieve weight loss goals.

Let us know what they are.

Never neglect your breakfast

The right breakfast helps kickstart the body’s metabolism, so it needs to be protein-rich. This moderates the appetite during the day. You can find several high-protein breakfast recipes online. You can even add a protein shake as a part of your breakfast.

Bid Goodbye to snacks

We often find people having mixed opinions about snacking and losing weight. We tend to gain weight when we snack constantly and do not care about portions or calories. However, a snack that is thought out not just fills you up but helps you meet that micro and macronutrient targets. You can always check for calorie-controlled and dietician-approved snacks and include them in the diet.

Try “exercise snacks.”

We are not asking you to eat more snacks, but we are talking about including small, quick, energetic exercise routines that you can include in your everyday routine. Though many fitness trainers or experts ask you to work out for hours every week, this is not just the only way to lose weight. You can indulge in smaller yet practical daily exercises and achieve weight loss goals.

Track how much you eat and what you eat

Half a pack of chips or just a few bites of your favourite cake might need to be soundtrack worthy. However, they can make the calories add up quite quickly. So, men need to know what they eat, which can be done by tracking the food. Many apps help with food and exercise tracking and can be downloaded for free via Play Store or App Store.

Never ignore the liquid calories

We know that soda or bottled juices are not a healthy choice. Juices, sweet teas and even energy drinks can disrupt your weight loss journey. Bottled juices are filled with sugar and can cause weight gain as they do not give you a feeling of fullness. So, the next time you want to drink something other than water, you can try flavoured sparkling water or kombucha.

Now that we learned about a few weight loss tips let us look at a few habit changes that can work wonders for your weight loss journey. Before you start your weight loss regime, it is also essential to know that several factors influence your ability to shed those extra pounds. The habit changes mentioned below certainly affect your everyday calorie intake.

Reduce the number of fast food and restaurant meals

Whether you eat at upscale restaurants or budget-friendly options at fast food joints, you will consume more calories than you can burn. The issue with eating out, irrespective of the restaurant’s quality, is that we must pay attention to our calorie intake. However, whenever you dine out, you can manage your calorie intake if you select your meals based on the calorie information provided on the menu.

Try and eat less processed foods

One area where people often need help is when they indulge in highly processed foods. While it is true that the number of calories is important for weight loss, you should know that the calorie and nutrient information on food labels can sometimes be incorrect. Additionally, we tend to eat more calories when we consume highly processed foods that are very tasty and make us want more. These foods are usually high in fat, sugar, and salt. On the other hand, unprocessed foods usually have a more distinct taste, and as they come from plants, they are also a good source of fibre and water. These factors affect how satisfied we feel and how many calories we consume.

Moreover, processed foods that lack fibre and are not easy to digest can also impact the types of bacteria in our gut. These gut bacteria play a role in how our body processes the sugar and fat we eat, and they may even affect the number of calories we absorb from our food.

Reduce liquid calories

As we already mentioned, drinks are often high in calories, and we only realize the same once we start tracking the intake. Beverages like sweetened drinks, teas and alcoholic drinks are very high in calories and hinder weight loss.

Some beverages high in calories include coconut water, expresso drinks, milk tea, juices and juice drinks, soda, smoothies, coffee drinks and alcoholic drinks.

Sadly, drinks with a lot of calories do not make us feel full, so we eat more than required. So, we add the calories from the drinks on top of the calories from the food we consume, meaning we take in a lot more calories overall.

In conclusion, achieving weight loss goals can sometimes involve relaxed diets or running 10 kilometres daily. Men can successfully manage their weight by making simple habit changes and adopting healthy practices. Prioritizing sleep is essential, as a lack of quality rest can disrupt hormone balance and lead to weight gain.

Small exercises can also increase metabolism and help shed weight. Controlling portion sizes, staying hydrated, and mindful eating are also crucial for weight management. Reducing stress levels and finding effective coping methods can also prevent emotional eating.

Finally, surrounding oneself with like-minded people can provide encouragement and accountability throughout the weight loss journey. These small changes can make a big difference in achieving a healthier and sustainable weight.


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